bonjour a tous ceci pour le nouveau film "Artemis Fowl"

attetion c en anglais !!!


Beloved childhood book series Artemis Fowl is finally being made into a movie.

The series by Eoin Colfer about the 12-year-old criminal genius who gets involved in a powerful underground fairy race sold millions of copies worldwide.

Now Irish director and actor Kenneth Branagh is teaming up with Disney to make the film.

Unknown 12-year-old Irish actor Ferdia Shaw will play Fowl in the new film, according to a statement from Disney. He’s going to be joined by some major names.

Perhaps the most exciting casting is of Academy Award-winner Judi Dench in the role of the leader of the fairy police, Commander Root, who was a male character in the books. Murder on the Orient Express actor Josh Gad will be playing Mulch Diggums, the kleptomaniacal dwarf who works for the fairy police force call.

Artemis Fowl is due for release in August 2019.